October 26, 2010

Face Punch

I really hope I'm not alone in this because if I am... then it makes me a really bad person. Has anyone ever had one of those urges to punch -and not a love tap people, I mean a PUNCH- a friend in the face? And I'm not talking about punching them because something they did pissed you off. I'm saying just for the hell of it. 
They're standing (or sitting) there talking to you and all of the sudden, out of no cause from them, you want to punch that sucker in the face.
I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this but am I the only one with the sack to admit to it? Lately it's just been that one person -whom I happen to be very close with- that I really want to pound.
It's not like they've changed in any way or form, or that they are doing something specifically to piss me off. But suddenly, the way they talk, the way the talk to others or their comments makes you want to drop kick their ass. It's almost as if every word that comes out of their mouth become insincere and connected to the sound of alley cats singing.
Am I alone? Should I go see a doctor? Do I go ahead and just sucker punch?


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