October 27, 2010

No Riddle for Batman

Bad news for Riddler fans. /Film just reported that Nolan has (in his very secretive manner) denounced any rumors of Riddler being the next Batman villain. Furthermore, he also revealed the title for his third installment in the Batman series. For the full story, click after the jump.

/Film was able to discover from a recently published script.
The news comes from Geoff Boucher over at Hero Complex, who was able to score a coveted interview with the secretive director. “It won’t be the Riddler,” Nolan said of the third film’s villain, squashing earlier rumors and speculation to the contrary. He also noted, “We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,” a fairly self-evident  yet cryptic statement.
Evidently, Boucher and Nolan also chatted about convincing Warner Brothers to go with IMAX instead of 3D for the film, which I find incredibly encouraging. Boucher says that information will be made available later today. We’ll update you guys when we hear about it.
So, is this good news? I think so. I think the Riddler was just a little to close to the Joker in term of villain that it could have come off as a bit repetitive. I may be wrong, there could have been a completely different and unique twist.

Anyways the question remains... Who is the next Batman villain? Nolan already denied Mr. Freeze as a likely contender back in March. Personally, I would love to see Harley Quinn as she is my favorite. But I'm also a realist so I'm not holding my breath. Killer Croc anyone?

Also, the title? I'm a little disappointed. It doesn't sound bad or anything but I was expecting something much more... epic. Reusing the last movie's title and adding a word isn't exactly creative. Who knows? Maybe it's just a tentative title.

In the mean time. Sorry Riddler fans :(

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