October 18, 2010

Weekly Short Story

I realized that I have no actual schedule or deadline set up for this blog. Which explains why there are such long periods of time between my blog posts.

So I decided to turn an old English assignment that my professor use to make us do weekly into an article post on here.

The object is to create a short story in less than half a page, double-spaced and 12 point font. Obviously I can't always monitor that on here so I'm saying in 10 sentences or less.

This is actually kind of fun and I find it such a therapeutic form of writing that isn't laborious or painful. I will do this every week and you guys can feel free to comment on how you took the story or whatnot.

So without further ado... here we go.

Jonah looked at her in confusion. The little girl had just said the most peculiar word. “What?” he asked. She repeated herself, this time with less confidence. Jonah scratched his head. He wasn’t sure she was speaking an actual language. She pointed to the cup in his hand. She pointed to her mouth. “Juice?” he asked. She smiled and clapped, “Agulo.” He repeated her word, “Agulo.” Jonah smiled. He had learned a new word.
10.18.10 - Jenju

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