About Jenju:

I love movies, I love dramas and I love hot and controversial topics. Most of all I love talking about them and agreeing or disagreeing with others about them. I have a love affair with the art of food and Karushifa, my MacBookPro.

I started this blog out of the pure need to air the flurry of crazy and dorky thoughts that often inhabit my brain. I'm not all there all the time. And while it might sound fascinatingly fun (I sure do think so) not everyone is of the opinion. 

I have a lot of views and opinions but as I read articles after articles of things that interest me I find that there exists very few out there that often share the same thoughts that I do. I enjoy coming up with theories and ideas about what's going on. 

They often include movies, dramas, news or just random babble. This is a site where I can ramble, philosophize, conspire and occasionally rant. This is meant to be fun and I hope that readers also find something to relate to.

I feel very strongly that people can have thoughtful discourse on just about any topic, and that art—mass, pop, high, pulp, whatever it may be—can and should be discussed intelligently for the thing it is.