November 11, 2010

On Set in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is about two or three hours away from Los Angeles, about four if you catch L.A.’s crappy traffic which you’re almost always guaranteed to get. It’s nice to get away from all the bustle and hustle of the city though. Who knew flat ground and corn could be so peaceful?

It’s about eight in the evening and we only recently made the fall back an hour due to Daylight’s Savings. So, it feels like it’s almost 10 at night but I’m pretty sure it also has to do with the fact that I haven’t slept more than ten hours this past week. 

We’re working on Caitlin Bond’s short film tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday so call time tomorrow will be 9am, which actually isn’t bad in the least considering there have been 4am call times in the past. I don’t exactly know what the film is about since I never got a script (Gaffers don’t really require one, just some gloves and a kick-ass attitude) but I do know it has to do with hardcore dancing and a wild concert. Right on.

Hopefully we’ll be getting a lot of on set photography that I’ll be able to post soon. Caitlin’s pretty awesome to have brought me on board. She’s knows about my aspiring desire to be a cinematographer, and she’s actually a bon-a-fide make-up artist so she knows people in the industry. Her Director of Photography for her shoot is in said industry so she thought it would be cool to put me as gaffer so I could pick his brain and learn from him. How wicked is that?

No doubt this weekend is going to full of awesome learning experiences and just flat out fun. Woot! Let the shooting begin!

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